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All of our gasoline units have a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY. Warranties are granted to the original purchaser of the unit (Diesel items carry a standard one year warranty). Warranties are neither transferrable nor redeemable. Customers may be required to proof of purchase and show identification matching the original buyer’s information. 

All ECMs must be installed by a certified technician. Improper installation or proper installation misdiagnoses are not covered under our warranty policy. ECM Depot/Auto ECM Electronics assume no liability in paying any labor, auto rental, towing, living expenses, or any others, etc, under any and all circumstances.

All merchandise is tested before shipped out. Once a customer accepts the shipment, there is absolutely NO REFUNDS allowed, only replacement warranty will be issued.


  • No refunds will be issued after purchase of unit; in such case as the receipt of a faulty unit, a replacement will be provided or a rebuild of the core made available, whichever is deemed more expedient by our technicians.
  • All ECMs must accompany copy of original invoice.
  • All ECMs being sent in for warranty repair must have prior approval from warranty department and must have a return number with it; warranty department will supply return number, without it, units will not be worked on.
  • Any tampering with our seal automatically voids the warranty.
  • Any ECM or TCM with damage caused by external electrical problem, where board is no longer repairable will void the warranty.
  • Any damage caused to the ECM by collision, water damage, corrosion, rust contamination will void the warranty.
  • We do not refund shipment and/or freight charges to or from our facility.
  • All units repaired under warranty are shipped on regular ground shipment; there will be no second day or next day air warranty shipment unless customer pays for expedited shipment at that time.
  • All shipping is done via UPS, we do not insure any packages, and we are not liable for any unit if lost or damage by UPS. We do not reimburse for shipping cost.
  • All R & R units if failed to perform, must be sent back to Auto ECM Electronics facility for testing, and if a unit fails to be repaired, it will be replaced with same part number, in that case customer must take responsibility of accruing additional charges which may happen in case of reprogramming or setting the code for theft security or getting the ignition key to communicate with the immobilizer. If for any reason customer decide not to return his unit back and trades it in for a new one at the dealer or auto part store, than we have the right not to refund any portion of the sales back to the customer.
  • We do not take any units in only for the sole purpose of testing it. Units must be diagnosed properly prior to sending it in for repairs; we have the right to repair the unit without getting authorization from customer. If our technicians find nothing is wrong with the unit then we reserve the right to charge a standard test fee.
  • If an alternate problem is found after receipt of our unit, indicating another problem with vehicle other than the control module, a return will not be granted; our units will not be purchased for testing on behalf of the vehicle tech.
  • If original failure of the ECM was due to another issue on the vehicle, and that issue is not remedied before installation of rebuilt unit, warranty will not be provided due to failure of vehicle techs responsibility of correcting the original problem.
  • Returned units must have diagnostic printout, work order printout, or dealer notes providing proof of vehicle diagnostics pointing towards failure of replacement or rebuilt unit.  Our technicians will corroborate such information with bench test of unit in order to correct outstanding issue.
  • Any order once placed, must be cancelled within 1 hour after placing the order, if unit was shipped and refused by customer, their is a 25 percent re-stocking fee, plus programming fee, plus shipping charges will not be refunded. 


  • All cores must be returned in the original box, if furnished with the return label; it must be placed along with the original order number to get proper credit back to your account. If no return label is enclosed, one will be faxed to facilitate the core return.
  • All cores must be repairable; no refunds will be issued if the core is water damaged, tampered, or worked on.
  • The core must have the same part number as the original ordered one.
  • Any core where the board is burned through is not acceptable.
  • Any OEM part numbers that are missing or not readable, will not be issued a core refund.
  • Customers have 30 days from purchase to send in their core for return. Core’s sent in after 30 days will be charged 10 percent fee of the core value.
  • All core credits are issued on the 16th, and the 1st of the month.


  • Replacement units are shipped with a return label from UPS, with which the customer is to ship their core back for the exchange
  • If core units are not received back within 10 days, deposit for said core will be forfeited, and warranty for replacement unit annulled.
  • Cores received must be rebuild able, with no direct shorts are broken plugs; cores received in such condition will not be accepted.
  • Cores not meeting these criteria can be returned to the customer upon request, at which time another core with matching number can be sent to retrieve core deposit. 


Each customer who provides their credit card information over-the-phone or online agrees to the total amount on their invoice and/or purchase order.  As a customer, you agree to pay for your purchase and indemnity and hold ECM Depot/Auto ECM Electronics harmless against any liability pursuant to the authorization.  Your electronic signature on the agreement form and or recognition by the CHECK MARK will serve as authorized signature on the credit card charge slip. Billing and Shipping Information must match or a Credit Card Authorization Form must be filled out.                  


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ECM Depot/Auto ECM Electronics does not authorize or grant permission to any persons, agent, repair shop, dealer, organization, and/or company to change or amend our policy, furthermore we reserve the right to make changes, or modify our policy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-ECM-1441.

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